My Tenga Flip Hole Review

The Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator is a completely different take compared to the more traditional pocket pussies. Looking nothing like a vagina, the Tenga Flip hole resembles more of a box with three good sized buttons on the front.

From the front end, the box opens in half revealing a series of soft elastomer shapes including ribs, ripples and orbs to provide your penis with a pleasurable experience. Furthermore, the three buttons on the front give you control to increase pressure in either the front, the middle or the end of device, increasing the pressure and providing a suction feel.

The lips at the front of the device features a flap to keep lubricant inside and the way the box splits in half makes the Tenga Flip Hole a breeze to clean.


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My Experience

When the Tenga Flip Hole Masturbator arrived in the mail, I was pretty anxious to see what this thing looked like in person. Having used Fleshlights and other pocket pussies in the past, I had never used a male masturbator which didn’t resemble a female body part. Upon arrival, as with all these products, it was shipped in a discreet box. However, what was inside was far from ordinary.

I picked up the Flip Hole for inspection and opened it up. As I had seen on the website, it split right down the middle and revealed a pretty aggressive looking series of sensory moldings. To be honest, at first glance, the thought of putting my cock in this thing was a bit frightening. What if the latches get stuck and my cock is inside? Will I seriously need to get Cassie help to hammer this thing off me? Was this clever device really just an elaborate Chinese Japanese finger cock trap?

All my worry was for nothing as I have used the Tenga Flip Hole probably a dozen of times without issue.

It’s important to use quite a bit of water-based lubricant with the Flip Hole. I found putting a little bit inside and then a little bit on the head and shaft of my cock helped for a smooth entry and enjoyable session.

Entering into this thing is pretty wild as I slipped my cock through the front flap which is designed to keep the lube from leaking out. The sensation on the head of my cock as I moved through the unit was pretty intense. Series of ribs and ripples tickled the head and shaft of my cock before ending up at the end of the device where I squished into a 360 degree orb stimulator.

I should mention the buttons on the outside of the device which can be pressed to increase suction in certain sections throughout the device. For example, if you squeeze the button towards the end of the device, the suction will become tight on the head of your cock. If you push the button in the middle, the tightness and suction will be felt in the middle. It’s a nice feature and does provide an extra stimulation for those men with smaller packages out there.

One drawback of the Tenga Flip Hole is the size of the hole entering the device. It is pretty small and if you have some girth, you may have an issue with the device fully closing. When it fails to close, you end up leaking lube as you use it which obviously isn’t ideal. I had a bit of an issue with this and it could cause quite a mess the odd time.

One more note to add is that the Tenga Flip Hole is not couple friendly. Unlike the Fleshlight or other Pocket Pussies, your partner can’t really play “with you.” Because the designer made it so aesthetically neutral, it doesn’t scream sexy in the bedroom which doesn’t really make it a fun device for a couple to use.

Clean-up as you can imagine is a breeze as it splits in half. Use basic hand soap and just make sure to let it dry and you’ll be ready to go again in a couple hours time ;).


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