The Tenga Egg Reviewed

One of the hottest new products on the sex toy market today are the disposable Tenga Easy Beat Egg Maturbators.

As I started seeing these Tenga Eggs more and more online I decided I had to give them a try and tell all you sick mofos about it. Read on and enjoy!

To give you an idea of what a Tenga Egg is, it’s basically exactly as it sounds; an egg. About the same size as a standard egg you buy from your grocery store, its packaging includes a plastic shell which allows the actual masturbator to keep its shape. Depending on the model you purchased the outer packaging will be different to reflect the different style of ribbing on the inside.


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For my first time, I tried the Tenga Egg Spider which has a pretty simple lined mesh on the inside which I suppose is similar to the look of a spiders web. I don’t necessarily like the idea of jerking it with a spider web but it was what I had in front of me so I guess why not.

As you take off the plastic shell, the sleeve awaits you which has a plastic cap to help it keep it’s shape until it is opened. Inside the plastic cap is a little tube of a lubricant which is definitely needed before actually using the Tenga Egg. The actual feel of the material is very similar to a fleshlight although as this product is disposable, it’s not made to retain its shape like a Fleshlight is. In fact at first glance, I had no clue at all as to how thing was going to fit around my cock as the hole was extremely small and the sleeve wasn’t longer than 4 inches.

I inserted the lube inside the Tenga Egg and placed my cock into the sleeve. My first impression was a little bit underwhelming but as I began to really go for it, the ribbing on the inside of the sleeve really started to come into play. It stretched really well while retaining its sensitivity and provided me with what was an extremely intense sensation. It was definitely doing what it was supposed to be doing and before long I could feel that I was going to come and my oh my was it ever amazing. The ribbing of the sleeve never stopped working and it was one of the more intense orgasms I had ever had. In fact so intense that I actually had to stop mid orgasm as it was just too much.

When I was finished, I tossed it into the garbage which made this session an absolute breeze. As I obviously have plenty of experience with Fleshlight’s, it was nice to be able to just toss it and relax. To be honest, I think I could have used it again as because after just the one session, it was only stretched a little bit. However, since the cost of the Tenga Eggs are only $5 or $6 per Egg, throwing them out after a single use doesn’t feel too bad.

The Tenga Egg isn’t going to replace your Fleshlight anytime soon but it is definitely a great value conscious / single use alternative.

The other feature I really like about the Tenga Egg is that it is extremely discreet so putting one of these in your carry on or keeping one in your night stand drawer isn’t going to draw too much attention. You can also purchase them in a variety pack which is kind of fun as you get try out all the different sleeves.

Cassie and I recently played with one of these together as well and it was quite a bit of fun. Obviously these are designed to be “like,” a vagina but to be honest they are so much more sensitive that it really provides a different option when playing as a couple. If you are looking to spice up your sex life I really recommend it as it can be a ton of fun.



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