My Tori Black Fleshlight Review

toriblackfleshlighthomesmallThe Fleshlight brand offers a variety of different orifices based upon different adult movie stars. One of the stars they incorporated into their product line was the 2010 and 2011 AVN Female Performer of the Year Tori Black.

And I have to admit, I’m a big fan of her work.

Ms. Black starred in adult classics such as ‘There Will Be Cum 13’ and ‘Anal Buffet 5’ and is now available to star on your cock with these perfectly crafted replica Fleshlights!

With most of the adult stars, you can choose if you want a replicated pussy, ass or mouth… or you can buy all three.

Available Sleeves and Holes

The Tori Black line impresses with all three orifices.

I’m bummed that I don’t have her “signature” texture, the Torrid, because it looks pretty mind blowing. I ended up getting the Mini Lotus, which is actually designed for smaller dudes. The Lotus is Fleshlight’s main sort of “real vagina feel”, but I’ve tried that and wanted to make sure I got around to all of the sleeves – even if this one is meant for the less endowed. Anyway, I’m probably going to go pick up the Torrid from the Fleshlight site now that I’ve had a bit of time with this one. Will update you guys when I get it.

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One on One with the ’10 and ’11 AVN Female Performer of the Year…Fleshlight Style

Since my first experience with a Fleshlight was with the Pink Lady Stamina Unit also known as STU, I was excited to try out a different version from their product line. I did some looking around and was surprised to find that my favorite adult star was part of Fleshlight’s product line!

I have to be honest, when I eventually ordered the ‘Tori Black Mini-Lotus,’ I had to keep it from Cassie as I was a bit nervous she would think I had an obsession with her. I would be lying if Cassie hadn’t caught me a few times checking out a couple of Tori’s videos and I didn’t need this to compound that concern.

When it arrived, just as the Pink Lady Stamina Unit did, it came in a discreet box (as all do) and I took it up to the bedroom. Cassie wasn’t home and I figured I would give it at least one try before admitting that it was in fact Tori Black’s replica pussy I was using to get off.

I warmed up the Fleshlight in the bathroom sink and inserted a healthy amount of water-based lubricant into the unit. The lips are fairly realistic when you have this thing in your hand which is the whole point I suppose. I have to admit, I did feel a little bit like a kid on Christmas before screwing the Fleshlight.

When I first entered inside, I immediately noticed a comparable difference to the STU. The STU is a lot more rigid and a lot tighter compared to the Mini-Lotus which doesn’t have much for ridges and is fairly… loose. I’m not suggesting that Ms. Tori is loose in real life (well unfortunately maybe I am) but I suppose that goes without saying when you’re in the industry.

Now, as I mentioned above, the Mini-Lotus insert is the smaller version of the classic Lotus. Lotus is the most real vaginal intercourse experience Fleshlight offers. It aims to replicate the real thing. They made the mini to accommodate guys with shorter packages, so they basically moved some of the features up a little bit.

Just a note here that while I am by no means HUGE, at the same time I am not small either and I can tell you fairly confidently that if you do not have much girth, the Mini-Lotus might not have a ton of feeling for you. It’s not that it’s bad – far from it. It’s just that the ‘normal vagina feel’ may seem like it’s not as exciting as some of the other insane textures they’ve got (like Stoya the Destroya).

Or actually, it might just be that I’m such a perv and have used so many of these now that I’m conditioned to enjoy the more intense ones now.

Eventually, as most sessions with the Fleshlight do, I came tremendously hard. Much like the STU, there is nothing like cumming into this except for of course a real live pussy. Clean-up is fairly quick and easy and leaving it out for a couple hours to dry after rinsing is always recommended.

Once Cassie returned home, I told her the whole story about how I had ordered Tori Black’s replica Fleshlight and that by no means was the experience with Tori’s replica pussy as good as the experience with Cassie’s real pussy (Relationship Tip: Always Say This). I worried for nothing as she thought it was hilarious and since then we have had a few “threesomes” with Tori’s Fleshlight joining in on the action.

All in all, the Tori Black Mini Lotus Fleshlight is a high quality product and awesome to have if you have a crush on Tori. It beats the hell out of writing her creepy fan mail or trying to look up her address which will inevitably end with a restraining order.

Out of the Fleshlight line it’s nothing special per-say and if you are interested in a more intense, less natural feeling, I would recommend a different model. But for those Tori Black fans out there… GO FOR IT!

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