The Ultimate Fleshlight Review Guide

Whether you are new to the idea of adult toys or are an experienced user you know how important it is to make an informed purchasing decision. Much like anything you spend your hard earned money on, you want to be sure that whatever you’re buying is of good quality and has a price that matches your budget.

Now for those who have walked into a sex shop before, I am sure you have noticed a couple things:

  1. Sex Toys are Expensive!
  2. Sex Toys are Confusing!

However, the above does not need to be the case. Firstly, buying online is generally more affordable and is here to provide you with the best price (plus our real reviews) on Fleshlights and other pocket pussies.

Our Reviews

Want to jump right into a specific Fleshlight review? I like to do my homework and then write a quick review for you guys, and just looking at it, we’ve already got quite a few done. If you’re ready to jump into individual in-depth reviews, pick one below and have at it!

Want to find out more about these things? Read on below!

What’s the Deal with Pocket Pussies?

Pocket pussies have exploded onto the scene in the last decade and for good reason. Women’s sex toys have been popular for a considerable amount of time, and while they are now socially accepted, male sex toys like the pocket pussy, remain to this day a bit taboo. I am a believer that this trend is beginning to change as male sex products become of increasingly higher quality as is the case with Fleshlight and their line of products.

The ‘Fleshlight,’ which was created in the late 90’s, is the best selling product on the market which includes both men and women’s products. For those who don’t know, Fleshlight is a brand of pocket pussy and is one of the more pricey products on the market, however it’s also one of the higher end products available.

Fleshlight Reviews: Choosing the Best Fleshlight

Fleshlight has done a tremendous job of taking a relatively simple concept, a pocket pussy, and providing a variety of different variations to keep men interested. Outside of their original Fleshlight Original Male Masturbator the company has introduced variations of Fleshlight’s designed to increase stamina in bed as well as a line of products based off of famous adult movie stars. Looking at Fleshlight’s entire product line can be a bit overwhelming and we have highlighted a few of our favorites in our various reviews.

External Design

The general exterior design of the plastic casing is the same for all Fleshlight with exception to the color, and one new product, the Flight (read more about that here). Although the casing does have a resemblance to a flashlight, the fact that “FLESHLIGHT,” is written down the side of the canister isn’t going to have many of your buddies fooled if they find it lying around the house.

The front entrance of the device comes with a removable cap (obviously) and the rear of the Fleshlight has an adjustable cap that controls the suction of the Fleshlight. The tighter the cap, the harder it sucks. The plastic case is fairly durable although it isn’t unbreakable. Dropping a Fleshlight on cement could cause it to fracture.

Internal Design

Internally is where Fleshlights are dramatically different from unit to unit. There are a variety of different designs to get your cock tingling but do be careful, not all synthetic vagina’s are made equally. Depending on your size, a couple of the products may not be as enjoyable as others.

The actual material that is used is an elastomeric gel which is wonderfully smooth. Known as “Real Feel Superskin,” it is not made of latex or silicone and manages to keep its original shape and elasticity after several uses if well maintained.


Clean-up with the Fleshlight is basic and allowing it to dry for a few hours after washing is necessary to avoid any mold or bacterial build-up. Fleshlight recommends using a couple of different products to maintain the consistency but to keep things simple, a general rinsing and dry will do the trick.

Something to make note of is to only use water-based lubricants. Anything else will make a mess of your Fleshlight to the point of ruining it completely.

The Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit

STUThe Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit (STU) is a Fleshlight product designed to increase your stamina in bed. It is branded in such a way as to encourage people that using the STU is no different than training the other muscles in your body.

It is designed in such a way as to provide maximum sensitivity to your cock. If you can learn to hold your cum with the STU, you’ll be able to hold out longer the next time you get into bed with a woman.

Although I have never had problems with pre-mature ejaculation since Cassie and I have been married, it was definitely nice to have an excuse for some extra practice. I found the STU to be extremely arousing and the constant ripples and tightness throughout the unit were extremely satisfying. I can verify that it actually does work as a training unit because I came QUICK and there wasn’t much I could do to stop it.

Read our full review, or go buy one online now.

The Tori Black Mini Lotus

ToriBlackVaginaThe Tori Black Fleshlight was the first model of Fleshlight I had used and one that I had been looking forward to for some time because of my apparent ‘Crush’ (as Cassie will call it) on Ms. Black. I would argue that my ‘crush’ is for good reason but none the less, I do get a hard time for it.

I was using the mini-lotus insert which I was excited to try as it was a bit less intense than say the Destroya or the STU. The exterior mould of Tori Black’s pussy lips were really well done, which did add to the intensity of the product. I would note that anybody who is a bit smaller below the belt might end up swimming a bit with the mini-lotus. I’m talking more about girth than length with the Mini-Lotus – it’s actually designed to meet the needs of men who are a bit shorter in the length department, being the smaller version of the full on Lotus texture.

Read our full review, or go buy one online now.

The Lisa Ann Forbidden

LisaAnnAssThe Lisa Ann Forbidden Fleshlight derives its name from the fact it’s molded after Lisa Ann’s… you guessed it – asshole. Fulfilling many a man’s fantasy of breaking through the back-door, the Forbidden Fleshlight gives a gift to those wives and girlfriends don’t want to give it up.

I really liked the insert of the Forbidden as it was extremely tight and ribbed for the first inch or two before opening up. I felt it was a realistic feeling and added to the overall enjoyment of the session. If you haven’t been lucky enough to experience anal in real life, the Forbidden will at the very least tease you with what it will feel like with a woman. Recommended!

Read our full review, or go buy one online now.

The Jenna Haze

JennaHazeVaginaJenna Haze is a natural fit for a Fleshlight. Starting out with her original Swallow texture (based on her mouth obviously), they’ve since gone full outwith a vagina and ass version for Jenna, which they’re now selling.

Her Obsessions signature texture is pretty intense, with a lot of downward pointing ‘bristles’ as Fleshlight calls them, and it gets INSANELY tight at the end, the further you get into it. It basically pulls you in as you go along, which is pretty unreal, and of course the exterior is just about perfect.

A great addition to the product line and an even better addition for your home collection, the Jenna Haze sleeves are highly recommended.

Read our full review, or go buy one online now.

The Stoya Destroya


One of the tantalizing products offered by Fleshlight, the Stoya Destroya brings a world of intensity featuring 360 degrees of unmatched bliss in the first couple of inches. The Stoya is based off of the pussy of lesser know Stoya Doll who was the AVN New Starlet of the Year in 2009. Although, she’s not my favorite star, this Fleshlight was unlike any other toy I’d used.

Unlike any of the other Fleshlights which try and simulate a feeling which is pretty lifelike, the Destroya goes against the grain. I have dabbled in a few vaginas in my day (don’t tell Cassie this…) and let me tell you, if I found a pussy that felt like this, I don’t think I’d ever be able to let it go.

Even beyond the 360 degrees of unmatched bliss is a continued series of ribs and ripples which provide a non-stop sensation for the user. Similar to the STU, I find the Destroya to be more of a training device than something to enjoy over a long session.

Read our full review, or go buy one online now.

Accessories To Enhance Your Experience

So Fleshlight isn’t just the most amazing fake pussy you can sink your cock into. They’re also innovative and always coming up with cool new shit.

I’ve had the good fortune to try out a couple of these things, and if you want to check them out, I’d highly recommend the following:

The Fleshlight LaunchPAD – Check out my thoughts on the LaunchPAD. It’s basically an iPad case that has a slot in the back to put your device into. Basically it’s like taking the whole POV thing to a whole new level. Or, use it while Skyping or Facetiming your long distance significant other and get your rocks off in a new and exciting way.

The Fleshlight Shower Mount – Just as it sounds…stick it to the side of the shower and get busy. Great for when you don’t want to have to worry about clean up later. Just suction it to the wall, secure your choice of fake vag, and pump into ‘er till you’re done. Then just wash it out in the shower. Very convenient.

And they’ve just released the Sleeve Warmer. It’s highly recommended to warm up your Fleshlight before use to make it feel more real, and generally better. I usually put mine in some hot water in the sink before diving in. What they’ve done is created a warming rack, basically. The Fleshlight goes over top of it (the Sleeve Warmer inserts into the hole, basically) and warms it up to optimal temperature in a few minutes.

Newly Released Virtual Sex Adapter To Blow Your Mind

The VStroker.


A new age of pleasure has dawned.

It’s incredible that I can say that because you’d think that new age dawned when Fleshlights were invented, but this is some seriously intense stuff.

Imagine this…you hook up your Fleshlight to your computer, turn on a flick with your favorite porn star, and as you jerk it with the Fleshlight, the video changes based on what you’re doing.

Going fast? The POV movie speeds up. Nice and slow? The POV movie slows down. Want a different position? Just choose whatever one you want and keep going. Ready to blow your load? Pick the climax scene and blow it all over her face.

This is some serious, near-virtual-reality shit I’m talking about.

You HAVE to check this out. I couldn’t stop watching the trailers for it, and you KNOW I’m going to be ordering one for those sessions where I’ve got a bit more time to play around and watch some porn.

Go check it out, you will not regret this.

Check out VStroker now.

Beyond the Fleshlight: Other Pocket Pussies

In 2005, a Japanese auto-mechanic turned sex toy entrepreneur created a company called Tenga, which began releasing masturbation aids (AKA Pocket Pussies) but in a less aggressive design. Choosing to shy away from products molded after vaginas, the company wanted to create products which were aesthetically pleasing to the point that they could sit out in your living room and no one would know what it was.

The design was an attempt to abandon the “obscene imagery,” the sex toy industry currently focuses on, and instead offers products which have a focus on functionality, technology and project an image of hygiene. Since then, they have become a popular and in some cases a more affordable option to the Fleshlight. We’ve also found that they are much easier to clean up.

I’ve had a go with some of their products, too. Here’s what I have had the pleasure to review:

I’ll keep adding to this with each new purchase I make, so it won’t be long before you see the latest and greatest additions to the line ups make their way to the pages of this website.