My Fleshlight Vibro Review

vibropinkladyfleshlighthomesmallWho says women should have all the fun with vibrators?

Introducing Fleshlight’s Vibro Pink Lady (and Pink Butt), its the next generation of the best selling male sex toy in the world. Featuring the same “Touch” texture design, the transfer of vibration extends through each concentric finger along the length of the shaft while the head receives a tingling sensation which is going to leave you feeling like you’re on cloud 9.

When you purchase the Fleshlight Vibro, it ships (discreetly) with 3 vibrating bullets which can then be inserted into the secure bullet pockets which are located on the back face of the sleeve (man Fleshlight comes up with some cool shit!).

It’s different than a typical vibrator that a woman might be used to as the number of bullets you place into the sleeve with determine the amount of stimulation received. One bullet will offer just a tickle of stimulation while adding all three will have your cock dancing. There isn’t the option to increase or decrease the vibration on each bullet as all provide the same constant sensation.

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My Review: The Vibro

I was excited to give this a shot as I am already quite a big fan of the regular Fleshlights. I figured it couldn’t hurt to try one that vibrates too right? I ordered mine online and chose the Pink Lady which is in the shape of a vagina. Too be honest, as far as Fleshlights go I kind of prefer the vagina ones but that’s just me. Don’t get me wrong, I love going the backdoor sometimes but in the case of a Fleshlight, I prefer the classic touch.

Just like any of the other Fleshlights, it arrived in an inconspicuous box, although in the case of Cassie and I, we both don’t have very much to hide. I was lucky this time as the box arrived towards the end of the day and I was home to receive it… The second best part was that Cassie wasn’t home from work yet and I had time to use it! I took it into the bedroom and took out all of the contents which always includes a little bit of lube to get you started.

The new part for me was obviously the vibrating bullets and I tested them out in my hand before putting them in the Fleshlight. Remember, you can’t add the bullets to any Fleshlight as it’s the actual Fleshlight Vibro which has the sleeve for the bullets. The bullets themselves are easy to turn on and I was surprised by the amount of vibration they provided on their own. Cassie told me a good way to test out the strength is to put the bullet to the tip of your nose as it’s a sensitive part of your body to test out how it might feel.

I started by placing one of the bullets in the sleeve and turned it on. It was a slight vibration but nothing that was overpowering by any means. I put myself inside the Fleshlight and I could instantly tell the potential of the Vibro. As you might already know, I am a huge fan of Fleshlights so experiencing this new sensation in what is already my favorite device was pretty mind blowing. I left just the one bullet in for my first session and the vibration really helped to enhance the actual orgasm, especially when the orgasm is at its most intense.

The next time I used the Vibro I invited Cassie to play with me. She was excited to see it in action as well and since we play with the Fleshlights together sometimes it was nice to try something a little bit new. We loaded up the Fleshlight Vibro up with three bullets and this time it was really rumbling. She loaded the Fleshlight up with lube and before I knew it, the Vibro was pulsing on my cock pretty good. The sensation was pretty powerful but not so much that I felt like it was overpowering.

Obviously this time I was hands free as Cassie had the reigns and it had to be one of the most intense sessions I’ve experienced with a Fleshlight. The plan at the beginning wasn’t for me to cum into it but I couldn’t hold back any longer as the sensation was just too much… Before I knew it I had blown my load and although Cassie found it a little bit funny, she wasn’t too impressed!

This is a fantastic product and one that is made with the same quality you can expect from Fleshlight. I think it’s fantastic for someone who wants to enhance their current Fleshlight experiences or for someone who has never used a Fleshlight before.

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